Rock Run Bushwhack

On a hot July day, we set off to explore one of the most beautiful streams in Pennsylvania – Rock Run in the Loyalsock State Forest.

We were originally going to set out to explore the three main falls of Rock Run, but we stopped off to see another of the deep pools and started our hike from there.

We decided early on that our feet were going to get wet and didn’t even try to avoid walking in the stream. We specifically chose a very hot July day to hike the stream, knowing the water always runs cold (and it certainly lived up to that claim.)

Rock Run, Loyalsock State Forest
Deep pool

We were treated to many small rapids and a few deep pools as we made our way along the creek. As the creek made a turn to the left, a large boulder beach protected a pool of deep green water that appeared to be about 10 feet deep. It would be one of the deeper pool we came across.

We pushed on past the deep pool using an old grade that paralleled the creek temporarily on the left. The grade soon ran out and we found ourselves back in the water. The stream widened and became more shallow as it tumbled over rocks. Steep cliffs featured high above the run on the hillside.

We soon reached what would be one of the highlights of the trip. An unnamed run tumbled down on the right side of the creek straight into Rock Run. The waterfall was 15-20 feet high and splashed into the run over large rock tiers. There may have even been more to the falls out of site, but the rocks were too slippery to climb.

Rock Run, Loyalsock State Forest
Waterfall where an unnamed stream tumbles into Rock Run

We pushed on past the falls and reached another beautiful pool. The pool was just on the side of a small rapid and appeared to be 6-8 feet deep with clear-green water that sparkled beautifully in the sun.

A 6-8 foot pool sparkles in the sun
A 6-8 foot pool sparkles in the sun

Just past the pool we came upon another highlight of the hike, a beautiful chute where white water rushed through a narrow chasm. The white water was deafening and my friend and I had to shout just to hear each other.

Rock Run, Loyalsock State Forest
Chute with white water

We soon reached another beautiful rapid with a healthy rush of white water. We stopped and enjoyed the scenery for a while before finding a path back up to Rock Run Rd. A short walk back to the car followed.

Rock Run, Loyalsock State Forest

We descended the trail to the pool from where we started to take a quick swim. The water was frigid, but the pool was impressively deep, close to 10 feet it felt like.

We hope to return soon to explore the main named falls along Rock Run. But this was a fine bushwhack and we were glad to have done it.

Deep pool with cold water
Deep pool with cold water

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