Choke Creek Falls

Pinchot Trail: Choke Creek and Choke Creek Falls

A few weekends ago, I was able to get out and do a 6 mile hike along the Pinchot Trail in the Lackawanna State Forest. The day was grey and it showered pretty consistently on the drive up  and it was raining as we pulled into a small parking area along Phelps Rd.

I took a gated woods road less than a 1/4 of a mile where it met up with the orange blazes of the Pinchot Trail. I turned right and started to make my way along a flat, though somewhat rocky, section of trail.

It showered pretty consistently as I made my way through the forest. The canopy was thick enough so that much of the falling rain wasn’t actually hitting me, but it was muddy and much of the brush along the trail was already wet.

Pinchot Trail
Pinchot Trail

I made my way through some nice sections of forest. In some places, there were small open fields and an in others the trail was closed in almost completely by trees. It hadn’t rained in awhile before this particular Sunday and even with everything being wet, much of the underbrush was still very brown and thirsty for the precipitation.

After about two miles of walking, I reached Choke Creek at a very nice campsite. The campsite sits on a small bluff where the creek makes a turn. There were stone chairs, a nice fire ring, and even some pots for hauling water or cooking.


I continued past the campsite for another mile or so. The trail continued to run near the creek, which had some nice cascades, many of which were nestled in small hemlock groves.

About three miles into my hike, I turned around. The Pinchot Trail continued on away from Choke Creek, but I simply began back the way that I came.

Choke Creek
Choke Creek

It finally stopped raining as I made my way back along Choke Creek, past the cascades and the campsite. Some blotches of blue sky even appeared as I got closer to my car.

Red Spotted Newt
Red spotted newt

I reached the old woods road and took the short walk back to my car. I drove 1/4 or so back down Phelps Road and parked at a gate, where the road actually continued on for some way as a dirt path.

I walked down the path about a 1/2 mile, past some construction where a new power line swath is being built. I reached Choke Creek again, further downstream from where I was last. A short side trail led to beautiful Choke Creek Falls.

Choke Creek Falls
Choke Creek Falls

I’ve visited this falls a few times. In the spring, it flowed heavy with snow melt and was very powerful. In summer, it was much lighter. On this day it was a little bit in between. Despite the rainy morning and afternoon, it had been dry for weeks, so the flow was a little below average.

There is a deep pool here, and in the summer, very often filled with locals swimming. There are even two ropes for swinging from the cliff into the pool.

I didn’t pack my good camera due to the weather, so I grabbed a few photos and short videos with my phone.

The clouds started to break a little more as I hiked the 1/2 mile back to my car. The sun appeared in the distance as I reached my car again and started to head for home.

Phelps Road
Phelps Road

5 thoughts on “Pinchot Trail: Choke Creek and Choke Creek Falls”

    1. I don’t have a guide for this hike. If you take the path from the road, it will lead you past a clearing and then down to Choke Creek again (it’s about a 10 minute walk). Go past the creek and take an obvious trail to the left that goes to the falls. I hope the forest office decides to add a sign eventually.

  1. Beautiful area, I grew up in the Mt Lake area and that use to be my playground. Now, as I get older, sorry to say the only way I usually get to visit it is threw Google maps. Thanx, for the great pix… enjoyed them immensely!!!

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