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Waterfall Wonderland of State Game Land 13

Length: 8.2 miles

Date Hiked: August 30, 2012

Location: State Game Land 13

Trail Head: This map is not exactly to the trail head. From PA 118, turn on to Central Road (there’s a sign for Jamison City/Central Park Hotel). Drive about 2 miles and turn right just past the Central Park Hotel onto Jamison Road. Follow this for about 1 mile and turn onto Sullivan Falls Road. Follow Sullivan Falls Road for 2 miles to a small parking lot on the left.


Highlights: This whole hike is a highlight with 17 waterfalls. Big Falls, Sullivan Falls, and the intersection of Shanty and Quinn Runs are probably the best of the best. But really, each waterfall is unique and beautiful in its own ways. There are other impressive geographic features as well, including: chutes, waterslides, large cliffs, and chasms.

Notes: This hike is immensely beautiful, but also extremely difficult. There is no trail except for the unmarked trail that crosses the plateau to connect the two streams. You will have to bushwhack extensively to get around the waterfalls on Heberly Run. We bypassed each waterfall by backtracking down the stream away from the base of each falls to a place on the hillside where we could scamper up. We passed each falls on Heberly Run on the left side (if you were looking at the falls). But there are probably multiple ways to pass each falls and weather and water levels will probably dictate what the easiest method will be. You can take the trail where it comes in just above Lewis Falls, but you will have to bushwhack down the hill to the intersection of Quinn and Shanty Runs, which is a beautiful place and worth seeing. We did not take the trail and hiked in the stream, which was no more difficult than any of the other stream walking you will do. The plateau trail is obvious for the most part, but stay alert. There are faded orange and blue blazes if you look closely. Sullivan Branch is a difficult descent. You will have to hike down many of the waterfalls in the water and on extremely slippery rocks. Assess each decent separately and try to decide if hiking down the falls, through the forest, or on the rocks is the best method. If you choose to do this hike, read the reports in the links below as they will be very helpful, especially the report from Mid Atlantic Hikes. Jeff Mitchell’s book, Hiking the Endless Mountains, also contains a lot of very helpful information. The difficulty of this hike cannot be underestimated. You should not attempt it in high water or if there is ice. And you should definitely not hike this solo.

Links: http://www.midatlantichikes.com/sgl13.htm  http://endlessmountains.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/waterfall-wonderland